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Mia was a young girl with a promising future ahead of her. However, her innocence was snatched away within a blink of an eye. Will Mia allow this terrible life-changing experience to consume her life, or will she overcome everything she has been through and keep living?  


“Drop me off at the corner, and I’ll walk to the house. I don’t know who’s in there and I don’t want you to have no parts of what’s going to happen.” I pointed to the corner where I would get out. “Be safe, Mia,” Ben told me as I got out of his car, and that would be the last time they would ever see each other.


A continuance of Snatched Away. What will Mia do when she finds out the length Brittney is trying to take to replace her?  Will Brittney ever be able to move on and let Mia and Semaj live life in peace, or will she be so caught up that someone ends up hurt? Will we find out the root to Brittney's real issue.


Semaj is out to seek revenge on behalf of Mia. Will, he ever get it?



Slipped Away 
Slipped Away is a book of eight short stories. These short stories will walk you through eight different relationships, but they somehow have one thing in common with one another. At spot point they allowed their true love to slip away right from in front of them.  

We Are


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