Halloween In Orlando 2017

We wanted to do something different for our kids this Halloween. Instead of getting costumes and going from house to house we wanted this Halloween to be something to remember, and what is a better childhood memory than Disney World. We decided to take the kids to Orlando for a getaway. It was a surprise for them and they didn't see it coming. We drove down to Orlando on Friday morning. We booked our stay with the Parc Corniche Condominium Suite Hotel, which I booked off of Groupon, because I have always had great experiences with booking hotels off of there. Well let's just say this hotel was not one of my favorites, but it served the purpose. With a little updated and grooming it could be a 4-star hotel. It was closed to everything as stated which was a plus for us. If you are looking for glamour and updates then this is not the hotel for you. It did the job for this trip, but I will not be staying there again unless it is updated.

Friday night my husband and I surprised our oldest son who is 14 yrs. old and took him to Halloween Horror. He loves scary movies, so we figured this would be a good surprise for him. We had never been so this would be a first time for all of us. This was one of the best times of our life. From the time we walked in until the time we left. The staff was in character and was really doing whatever they needed to do to get the job done, from chasing people with saws to jumping out of dark places. At one point we were walking through a Purge. The set up was amazing. If you have never been to Universal Studios Halloween Horror, Orlando, FL and you like the thrill of being scared it is a must you take a trip there. My son had the time of his life and he couldn't stop talking about it for weeks after.

Although we were in Orlando and had took our oldest son to Halloween Horror, that Saturday morning our younger kids and my nephew (who I brought along) still had no clue they had a surprise coming too. That morning my mom and husband took the kids to eat breakfast down to the lobby, as I prepared the clothes for the day. For the trip I decided I wanted to get us family shirts made. I ironed all the clothes and place them on the sofa, but all the shirts where the same on the back with different numbers to symbolize our order in the family tree. So, when they walked in they still didn't know where we were headed until they flip the shirts over to the front. Which is when the excitement came.

Walt Disney Magic Kingdom, every kid should be able to experience this place. Magical is the best word to describe it. From all of your favorite Disney Characters, to the live shows, to the themed runs and the parades. Their is something for everybody to enjoy here. For Halloween Magic Kingdom theme is Not So Scary Halloween so that the little kids can wear their costumes and enjoy Halloween as they also get to experience Disney.

Things you may want to know about visiting Disney Magic Kingdom is, if you don't want to spend too much money on food and drinks you can take a cooler inside with you and also bring in snacks. Which is what we did. With having a total of six kids and three adults buying food could become costly at a place like Disney, so this could help you out with saving. Also, make sure you are prepared for the weather to change in the blink of an eye. When we got to Magic Kingdom it was sunny and nice, by the time we got ready to leave it was raining and cold. Luckily I had brought ponchos and mini umbrellas just in case, but no matter what happens remember to have fun and do not let anything stop you from going to get this experience.